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LED Food Growing Strip Light

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ASE Full Color Spectrum LED Strips For Growing Food

ASE LED Strips are the best-in-class low voltage, very efficient, and powerful LED grow lights.  They are powered by Mean Well Driver using AC 100-277V.  These white-light LED Strips have a high color rendering index of 97-98 CRI (Ra), a real full-color spectrum similar to pure sunlight. They are specifically designed for use in high-grade food farming production. They work very well for both horizontal and vertical grow curtain light applications, with even light distribution and low heat output. Our LED strips produce even light without any hot spot, which is impossible when using a round bulb.

These wet location, waterproof LED Strips can be used for the complete replacement of fluorescent T-5 fixtures or HPS / Metal Halide Lights for indoor grow facilities. One of our 24W LED strips can easily replace A fluorescent 54W T5. ASE LED Strips can also be used for greenhouse season extension and lighting supplement to increase your production and growth cycle. This assists your plants in the off-season lower light conditions to continue to grow at their peak potential.

The low voltage means you can save money on your installations by running your food-growing strip kits with low voltage wires without the need for a conduit. Our 38-42VDC strips are also perfect for 48V solar systems using our custom-made DC constant current driver for each strip. For AC installations, our ETL-listed Strip Kits use 4 strips per individual LED Class 2 driver.  Also available with 8-strip and 12-strip kits. These strips allow you to do a variety of vertical or horizontal installation setups.


LED strip for growing food test result
  • 24 Watts at 5000K
  • 97.0 CRI
  • 2796.7 Lumens, 120.5 Lumen Efficacy (lm/w)
  • 410 Par (6”), 310 Par (12”), 225 Par (18")
     on 4 Bar/Strip per shelf 2’ x 4’ shelves

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Customer Testimonial from A Master Grower

Controlled Environment Agriculture
PH: 707-888-7747
September 25, 2018

Ron Grow Light ASEMy name is Ron Mitchell. I am the founder and creator of Local Greens Farm in Berkeley, CA an indoor vertical farm. I am the owner and head consultant for MITCHELL C.E.A. an R & D consulting company in Albany, CA. Some of my clients are Indoor Farms of America and PotageIndoor Farm of West Africa.

I have been in the plug and plant growing industry for over 30 years and have done extensive testing with many LED grow lights over the past 13 years.

I am writing this letter to confirm that the ASE Grow light strips, made by American SolarElectric give fantastic results when used for indoor farms and greenhouse supplemental lighting.

I personally have tested and used these ASE Grow light strips with Basil, Lettuce Strawberries, Tomatoes, herbs, microgreens, salad greens, etc. all with great results. These lights promote vigorous root and leaf growth and bring everything I have grown with them quickly to market. Noticeable they bring out the Red color in Red Lettuce.

Their full-color spectrum incorporates all the most beneficial colors of the Sun. They have a CRI(color rendering index) of over 96 which replicates the Sun. These lights are very dependable, produce very little heat, and their solid aluminum construction makes them very strong and waterproof.

I am presently using these lights in commercial farm projects in the USA, Africa, Canada, and Dubai.

I recommend this high-quality equipment for any commercial farming project.


Ron Mitchell


Model ASE-1.15M-5000K-97CRI-24W
Product name 24W LED Full Color Spectrum Strips For Growing Food                      
Life span 30,000+ Hours
Warranty 5 years
Operating Temperature 0°C to 50°C / 32°C to 122°F
Storage Temperature -40°C to 70°C / -40°C to 158°F
Certificates ETL for Canada and the USA
Strip Input Voltage (v) 38-42VDC
Watt (Rated) 24W
Working Current (A) 625mA-635mA
Luminous flux (lm) 2650-2900Lm
Color temperature 5000K
CRI (Ra) 97-98
Beam angle (°) 120°
Lamp body material Aluminum
Body-color Silver (Aluminum)
Location Suitable for Wet Locations, Use only with Class 2 Power Unit Convient Aux Emplacements Moules CLASS 2
Fixture size L1143mm x W26mm x H10mm /L45.25” x W1.02” x H0.39”
Height above canopy 3 Separate readings  16.5"          12"          6"
Lux 2712Lux      3846Lux    7370Lux
PAR 55PAR        79PAR      163PAR
Quantity/Carton (pcs) 30
Carton Size L*W*H  L126 x W22 x H18cm / L4’1.6” x W8.66” x H7.09”
Net weight 15Kg / 33Lbs
Gross weight 17.5Kg / 38.6Lbs