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Street Lighting For New Residential Construction


ASE Solar Street Lights fill a mid-sized niche of Solar Street Lights. Our stand-alone, off-grid street lights mount on pole heights from 10-13 feet. These are used for areas where full-sized 20-35 foot tall poles are not needed, will be obtrusive or undesirable. There are no expensive wires, conduits, or trenches needed to connect our solar lights to a power source like traditional AC electric street lights. They are much less expensive to install than traditional AC lighting.

Our lights are completely PRE ASSEMBLED in our TUV certified factory with ALL parts and components already assembled into the Pyramid top bonnet, inside and under the box formed by the solar modules.

There is NO Solar Module racking, battery box, or controller assembly with wires to connect like most solar street lights, simply place the pre-assembled light on the pole, slide in the battery, and walk away.

These light an area of approximately 60 feet around (30 feet on either side of the pole) with a directionally adjustable floodlight socket to point diagonally to the center of the street.

These solar street lights are perfect for lighting city streets, HOA community streets, private communities, dirt roads, long driveways, trailer park streets, ranch roads, wineries, and resorts. They are easy to install, and there is NEVER A POWER BILL because no power is needed. We produce our own Solar Power.