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Park & Mailbox Lighting


ASE Solar Lights are the solution to HOA lighting issues such as mailboxes and parks. Our lights need no electric power hook up. We need no attachment to any house, gate, or electric panel power source. Our Solar Lights produce their own power and are self-contained. There is no digging of trenches or conduit needed to run electric wires to connect each light or a power source. This means no digging up of sidewalks, streets, or landscaping.  

We can easily add Solar lights to existing HOA mailboxes, parks, streets, trails, and walkways wherever there are dark areas. We can light isolated dark mailboxes where there is no power making it bright and safe for the residents to get their mail any time of night, all night long. We can light the parks, walkways, and dog walking areas making nighttime use of parks safe and family-friendly. We light the BBQ and bench areas throughout the park. We light the monument entrance signs allowing the HOA to be easily found and accessed in the dark (Solar Power Pony).                 

Our Solar Light installation takes only a few hours. We manufacture our own poles for local installations. We can top mount our poles on existing concrete or make a foundation in the dirt for them. This consists of digging a 10 inch X 30inch hole for our 10’-13’ (above ground poles), pouring in concrete, and placing the pole into the full depth of the hole for this foundation to dry for one day. We remove all the dirt and mess that day. We return the next day, place the light on the pole, and there is the light, working brightly that very night. There are no torn-up streets, yards, or sidewalks. The only requirement is the sun. All these installations are easily, quickly, and cleanly done by simply putting a pole in the ground, placing our self-contained solar light on top, sliding in the battery, and walking away. IT IS THAT EASY!