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Carport Lighting

ASE has designed the Solar Power Pony (SPP) to inexpensively light carports across the city. Digging up pavement (trenching) to run conduit and electric wiring to add additional lighting for carports is a very expensive proposition. Most Carports are very dark and somewhat dangerous.    The SPP solves this problem because we need no digging or conduit for in-ground wiring. The battery and component box with a solar panel lid is mounted, in the sun, on the carport roof. DC wires from this box are run down through the roof and along the underside of the roof support beam to each DC LED Light bulb fixture. These Ultra Bright LED bulbs can light 2-3 car spaces per bulb fixture under the carport canopy. You can have up to 3 fixtures per SPP unit. This is a total of 9 lit car spaces per SPP unit. All the parts- Solar Panel, components, wiring, and LED light fixtures are neatly attached on the top and the underside of the carport roof.                 

We sell the SPP in kits or as DIY components for contractors to install themselves. We have installed these Solar Power Pony (SPP) units ourselves in many carports across the Las Vegas Valley.                               

If the SPP box unit is placed in full sun then these lights will operate for a minimum of 30 -40 hours (4 summer nights or 3 winter nights) from one day's charge in the sun. This means that if there is rain or clouds for 2 days, the light will still work on those nights.