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Campground Lighting

Solar Power Pony Campground BathroomWe can light remote Bathrooms, Pay Stations, Trail Head Maps, Boat Ramps, Cabins, Signs in rural or virgin areas such as our State and National Parks, which are usually desired to be left in natural conditions.

ASE respects and appreciates this. We designed and produced lighting, especially for these natural areas. We do not light the sky or the stars. Our Solar Lights are focused on the ground to illuminate just the area needed without excessive ugly light pollution. We use our unobtrusive soft light for our solar power pony box lights or our G3-SC on 10’poles to light these campground areas.

The G3-SC uses a 3Watt, or 5Watt LED Bulb about as bright as a 60-75Watt incandescent bulb and covers an area of about 60 feet around. 2.) We use our taller G3-SC on 10’-12’ poles, with a brighter-focused floodlight for campground pay stations and campsite map areas, boat ramps, trails, and parking lots. The focused down flood light secures the campers' privacy and only lights the area that is needed. We have developed these G3-SC with motion sensors for the campground registration areas for campgrounds such as Colorado State Parks at Mancos. This allows the guest to see for as long as they need to choose a campsite and pay. When the movement stops and the guest drives away to the chosen campsite, the light automatically turns off, returning the other campers' privacy and dark sky.

We use the same motion sensor for the Boat registration areas. This allows Boaters in remote areas to see to register in the early morning hours. The light turns on from the first-person movement and off when the movement stops. It will not turn on for small animals. This also helps the Rangers to know when campers and boaters are active. In addition, ASE was one of the first to offer Lithium Ion Phosphate (LIP) Batteries in our solar lights for severe Sub Zero Cold Climates such as Colorado, Wyoming, Chicago, and Alberta, Canada. These LIP batteries allow our lights to work all night in temperatures as low as 40 degrees below zero. We began testing them in Alberta, Canada, 10 years ago, where they have worked extremely well. There, the winter nights are 17 hours long, and the temperatures are 40 below zero, yet our Solar Lights with our specially designed solar light controller last ALL NIGHT EVERY NIGHT.

ASE has used our “Solar Power Pony” (SPP) to light campground bathrooms and Cabins where electricity is unavailable. This SPP consist of a sealed, theft retardant steel battery box with a solar module top that safely holds the battery and controller. This box can be mounted on a pole, on a roof, or attached to the side of a building or wall pointing south. It comes with various light fixture options for both inside and outside lighting. These individual light fixtures can be placed INSIDE a bathroom or cabin up to 30 feet away from where the solar box is mounted. The rust retardant, powder-coated steel box, and solar module are warranted for 10 years. All mounting brackets are included.

Example: Mount the SPP box in the sun with the solar panel top on the roof of the campground bathroom. Install 2 LED light fixtures inside- 1 inside the Women’s side of the restroom and 1 inside the Men’s side of the restroom. Connect the 2 fixture wires to the SPP box. The lights will automatically turn on at dusk/off at dawn from the light sensor in the outside rooftop-mounted box.

For Cabin installations, a switch can easily be added for each of the interior light fixtures. This SPP is our most versatile product. It comes with a sealed lead acid battery but is also available with our LIP batteries for severe cold installations.