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Bus Stop and Shelter Lighting

G3-SC Solar Bus Stop Standalone Light mounted on Poles

American Solar Electric manufactures the G3-SC a self-contained Solar Light for lighting bus stops and bus schedule signs across the city. Make your nighttime Bus riding patrons safe and comfortable as they wait for the bus in the light with easy-to-read bus schedules. These solar lights work perfectly for all bus stops because they need no AC power infrastructure. They are easily installed at any Bus Stop without digging, on a single 10-foot tall metal pole, which can be top mounted to the sidewalk or pavement.
Whether they are remote stops with no AC power access or stops in the middle of the city, the installation is much more cost-effective than metal conduit-run AC-connected power lighting.

Bus Stop Schedule & Shelter Lighting

Solar Bus Schedule LightingASE manufactures both DC 12 Volt and DC 24 Volt LED lighting solutions for retrofitting existing Solar bus shelters, making them more efficient.  Some existing Solar bus shelters that only worked for three hours in winter will now work for 14 hours or all night long after retrofitting. ASE also manufactures various LED solutions for AC bus shelters, both new and retrofit. Additionally, ASE manufactures solar light fixtures to adapt to bus map and schedule lighting displays.